The following is a list of publicly available data that is useful for research on international trade and economic growth. If you plan on working on your thesis under my supervision, you should definitely check these out!

International trade data flows (UNCOMTRADE)
International trade data flows (Feenstra)
International trade in Value Added (OECD)
International trade data including NTMs
Data for gravity estimations (CEPII)
Temporary Trade Barriers Database (WB)
Historical trade flows (RICardo Project)
Trade interventions since 2008 (Global Trade Alert)
Data on bilateral trade, production and consumption for 121 countries and 65 sectors (GTAP)
Data on production, inputs and other macro variables (PWT)
World Economic Outlook (IMF)
World Development Indicators (WB)
World Input-Output Database
Business environment and performance indicators (WB)
International Financial Statistics (IMF)
Macro data (Education, Environment, Health, Innovation) (OECD)
US activity by county
US macro data
US labor market data
EU data at country and regional level
Caloric Suitability Index
Economic Complexity