Journal articles

Trade and Growth with heterogeneous firms revisited
Journal of International Economics Appendix

The long-term impact of trade with firm heterogeneity
Review of World Economics

Working papers

Uneven product diversification: explaining the lag of agricultural economies. Submitted.
RIEF Prize, awarded at the 2017 RIEF Meetings.
RoWE Prize, awarded at the 2017 ETSG Conference.

When Immigrants Meet Exporters: A Reassessment of the Immigrant Wage Gap.
With Léa Marchal and Giulia Sabbadini.

Geographic concentration of imports and economic vulnerability of countries.
With Florian Mayneris.

Local Production and Global Demand.
With Karsten Mau.

Pre-PhD publications

Can the Method of Reflections help predict future growth? IRES Discussion Papers, DP 2013-8, 2013.

The Method of Reflections is a relatively simple way to measure economic complexity by using network analysis. The tools it provides can be very handy when designing industrial policies. This paper analyses the properties of the MR and evaluates the circumstances under which the resulting measures are good predictors of future economic growth. It also highlights the contexts on which these tools could be misleading.

Redistribution, Insurance and Incentives to Work in Latin American Pension Programs (with Álvaro Forteza), Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, Volume 11, February 2012, Issue 03, pp. 337-364.

How much do Latin American pension programs promise to pay back? (with Álvaro Forteza), World Bank SP Discussion Papers NO.0927, 2009.

Pension Systems in Latin America: Concepts and Measurements of Coverage (with Rafael Rofman and Leonardo Lucchetti), World Bank SP Discussion Papers NO.0616, 2008.






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